Appealing to Beauty Addicts

CoverClap is an online directory of the best hairstylists and makeup artists in your area.Each verified company owner has the same access to the platform’s marketing tools, customer service support, and booking management perks.All verified business owners have the same opportunity to promote their products and services, and we equip them with the tools they need to interact with potential clients with no effort.Traditional and modern beauty professionals alike can benefit from our all-inclusive platform since it allows them to easily promote their services online, gather actionable data about their target demographic, and turn website visitors into paying consumers.To help you save money on digital advertising, we will publish and promote the platform throughout social media and search engines.We put the happiness of our customers first since we know firsthand how challenging it can be to find a good hairstylist.Thus, we check the qualifications of prospective coverclap beauticians against a list of 30 standards. If a company meets these requirements, we will send an inspector to their location. Eventually, we’ll have a team of Montreal’s top-tier, independently-operated beauty experts.

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